Saturday, April 25, 2009

Make Money Rapping Online

Do you love making music? Not sure how to make money from your music online? Well, I am glad to tell you many ways you can make money online selling your songs. The great thing about selling your music online is that you can record one song, post it on a website and create royalties for years to come while you live your life.

There are a lot of websites that allow you to sell your music. There is no reason why you have to only sell your song through one website. It is beneficial to sell your music on multiple websites.

Websites where you can sell your music




If you need help setting up your music accounts and selling you music there are plenty of websites that can assist you in this step. SongCast Music will help you sell your music at all the above website plus many others.

Sell Your Music on Your MySpace, Blog or Website

If you already have your own website, MySpace page or Blog you can also sell your song there. SNOCAP is a website that allows artists to upload their music and post their songs on any website by autimatically creating a store widget for them. SNOCAP's vision is to "To connect more people to more music through more outlets! ".

You could also sell your song as a ring tone online.

After you setup where and how you are going to sell you song, you need to still draw fans to your site. The best was to draw fans to your store is by using a number of social networks. MySpace is one of the more popular social networks for music.

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